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The Eyelash Enhancement Kit STORE LASHES has been designed to best meet the demand of all technicians . It is very economical and complete, offers up to around 30 applications.

Eyelash enhancement beautifies your look by curling the natural eyelashes at the base and not in the middle as a permanent eyelash could. This technique is safe, however it is imperative that this application is performed by a professional. The effect of the enhancement lasts around 3 months (the cycle time of natural eyelashes) and can be proposed to the client before the installation of semi-permanent mascara or eyelash tinting. WOW factor look guaranteed !

This kit contains

3 permanent (pink)

3 fixative lotions (white)

2 nourishing lotions (yellow)

2 cleansing lotions (transparent)

3 pairs of silicone pads sizes S , M and L

1 tube of glue (perming glue high performance)

Conservation 6 months unopened / 3 months after opened

Lotions to european standards.

5 ml each lotion

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